Elaydaprofessionalskin.com Website Review & Ratings + Elayda Professional Skin Coupons
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Elaydaprofessionalskin.com Website Review & Ratings + Elayda Professional Skin Coupons

Elayda Professional Skin: Products & Services
  • Elayda Professional Skin has some up with a new way to care for your skin
  • Their products can get you great results that you have not seen when using other products
  • You will experience youthful skin fast and your appearance will keep on improving with each month

They carry the following products:

Elayda Professional Skin: Company Background
  • Elayda Professional Skin was founded to help women of all ages have more youthful looking skin
  • Their products work to gently remove lines and add elasticity to the skin
  • The company was founded by Jeff Nugent, the chief CEO
  • Jeff Nugent was the President and CEO of both Revlon and Neutrogena
  • He started the company after he realized that most women did not have access to effective professional skin care systems
Elayda Professional Skin: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Women who have used Elayda Professional Skin are satisfied with the system

“As I am approaching the end of my 40's, I have tried several different skin care systems. None have ever come close to the stupendous results I have had with the Elayda Continuous Results System! Every single day, I get compliments about how radiant & clear my skin is--and how I don't ever seem to age... Should I tell them my secret is this "fountain of youth" or call it good genetics? But for you, dear readers, know that it is, indeed, the Elayda system--which I HIGHLY recommend you try!”

Anne A

July, 2012

“I have used the Elayda Skin Care Continuous Results for almost 1 year. I could not be happier with this product. The system is easy to use and takes just a few seconds morning and evening to apply. The packaging makes for easy storage and protects the product from breaking down in the easy to use aerosol container. Pricing for this product is "spot on"! I find it much more afforable than most products purchased from cosmetic counters and delivered to your door couldn't get any more convenient! Applying the 4-piece system on a regularly scheduled routine has helped my skin look smoother; fine lines have become softer and those few brown spots have disappeared. I have had numerous compliments on how radiant my skin looks. What can be better than that??!”


May, 2012

Elayda Professional Skin: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Elayda Professional Skin has been recognized as one of the leading brands in skin care for women
  • Their 4 piece system is clinically proven to remove fine lines and improve firmness in the skin

They have been featured in the news on several occasions:

Elayda Professional Skin: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • Elayda Professional Skin makes their products available to consumers through their website, Elaydaskin.com
  • They currently have 17 sites linking in to their site
  • Their Alexa traffic ranking is 2,951,309 in the world
  • People usually visit the site looking for face creams that contain retinol or light retinol face cream
  • Each visitor usually spends about 71 seconds viewing each page that they look at
Elayda Professional Skin: Social Media Presence
  • Elayda Professional Skin maintains a FaceBook page, Twitter account and a Youtube channel with over 4,000 video views
  • They have 1,036 likes on the FaceBook page
  • They share information related to their company profile and the use of their products on the site
  • They also share contact information as their email address and contact number via their FaceBook page
Elayda Professional Skin: Website Security & Safety
  • Elayda Professional Skin was checked with Google safe browsing and has not hosted any malicious software over the past ninety days
  • The site is not currently listed as a suspicious website so shoppers can browse with confidence
  • There is no evidence that the site has been used as an intermediary in the distribution of malware
Elayda Professional Skin: Pricing & Packages
  • Elayda Professional Skin offers their complete system for two payments of $39.95
  • Customers also get two free items as a bonus with each order
  • They also get free membership in the continuous rewards program
  • Their products deliver the same results as the leading anti aging skin cream
  • Their creams contain ingredients such as retinol, vitamins, brighteners, antioxidants and peptides
Elayda Professional Skin: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • Elayda Professional Skin customers get free shipping on the first order
  • A new shipment will be sent to you every sixty days unless you give instructions not to do so
  • You can add products to each shipment or change the rate at which regular shipments are sent out
  • You may also cancel the replenishment program by calling them toll free within regular business hours
Elayda Professional Skin: Payment Methods Accepted
  • Elayda Professional Skin makes it easy for you to complete your transactions on their website
  • You are also in complete control of when your shipments are sent out
  • The company accepts credit card payments for their facial cleansers and other merchandise
  • You may use any of the popular credit cards, such as Visa or American Express to pay for your purchase
Elayda Professional Skin: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • Elayda Professional Skin gives a sixty day money back guarantee to shoppers
  • If you want to make sure the transaction is complete, you must keep your receipt until the refund appears on your credit card statement
  • Your credit card will be credited with the refund within seven days of the return
  • Shipping fees will be deducted from the total that is refunded to you
Elayda Professional Skin: Product images & screenshots
Elayda Professional Skin Coupons
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